Hello. If you’re reading this, you are probably curious about the founding team behind Social Acumen.

Well you’re in luck as that’s what this blog post is all about. We’ve included some more information around the founding team behind Social Acumen & our mission to help small businesses understand & improve their Facebook advertising..

If you have any questions at all about how the company works then please feel free to drop Sam or Ace a message using our Facebook & Twitter pages.

The Batman & Robin of Facebook analytics (yes that’s a real thing now)

Sam Edwards - Founder of Social Acumen

Introducing…Sam Edwards, CEO & Founder

Social Acumen is led by Sam Edwards. Sam has 6 years of experience working with some of the largest UK Social Media advertisers, ranging from Sky, Sony Mobile, Domino’s Pizza & Bacardi.

His experience working on their Social Media & Facebook advertising gave him a very keen sense (some would say acumen 😏) for what works on Facebook & what doesn’t.

His experience of turning their Facebook data into meaning lies at the core of Social Acumen. Turning Facebook data into insights isn’t a straightforward process. Yet it’s so important, as without them, improving your Facebook advertising is a matter of guesswork.


Dr Aasis Vinayak - CTO of Social Acumen

Introducing…Dr Aasis Vinayak, CTO

To make the data a lot more simple & straightforward, Sam is joined by Dr Aasis Vinayak. Ace, as he’s more commonly known, specialises in Mathematical modelling & evolutionary algorithms. So it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about data.

He developed the algorithms & formulae that powers Social Acumen to create a scoring system that genuinely reflects what good & bad Facebook advertising is.

He’s also a bit of a Social Media superhero too & was recently included in Sage’s list of 100 top business influencers.

Between Sam’s experience working with Social Media brands & Ace’s robust experience working with data, Social Acumen is led by the Batman & Robin of Facebook analytics. Although which one’s which is still up for debate…

Big Facebook insights for small businesses

We won’t lie to you – using your Facebook data to improve your Facebook advertising is complicated.

Over 50% of all Social Media advertisers cannot tell whether their Facebook advertising was effective. A further 62% cannot prove the value or ROI of it. And these are people whose job it is to advertise through Facebook.

Over 50% of digital marketers cannot prove the effectiveness of their Facebook advertising

Brands – both big & small can struggle to turn their data into clear, data-driven insights. However, where bigger, richer companies & brands can employ a person / people or an entire agency to do this, what chance does a smaller business have in being able to do this?

Bringing this knowledge into a company is expensive and potentially only 50% likely to actually help.

Small business owners have a few choices:

  1. Do it themselves
  2. Hire someone
  3. Avoid Facebook advertising entirely

The first choice is the cheapest, but requires huge amounts of time & effort to do. And could end up being very expensive if done wrong.

The second option is the best option. But only if you’ve got a spare £30k a year lying around the office.

The third option is viable but consider this. A company that generates most of its revenue on advertising usually needs its adverts to “work”. Facebook became the 4th most valuable company in the world last year. So are you still sure you want to avoid Facebook advertising?

How Social Acumen can help you achieve success on Facebook

These are the challenges we aim to solve with Social Acumen.

We have loaded Social Acumen with agency level insights that are designed to help you:

  • understand what your Facebook data means
  • understand what you can do to improve your Facebook advertising
  • understand how you can better use your Facebook budget

The insights generated by Social Acumen

By using Social Acumen, these agency level insights can be accessed at the click of a button for every Facebook post that you run.

That way you can spend less time & money wondering what successful Facebook advertising looks like & more time making it.

Take me to my Facebook posts

If you’re a small business that knows how important Facebook could be to your success then we’d love to help you with that success.

You can sign up to Social Acumen straightaway, analysing up to 5 posts for free so that you can get a feel for how we generate insights.

To get started today simply follow this link https://app.socialacumen.co

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or feedback at all.

We look forward to showing you what works on Facebook.